Taghkanic Speeding Ticket (Taconic)

According to Wikipedia, Taghkanic is an older spelling of what is now "Taconic", namesake of the Taconic Parkway (a long, beautiful highway through the state where lots of tickets are issued each year). If you are ticketed for speeding or anything else in the town of Taghkanic, consider first contacting our office to discuss your case with the traffic lawyer - Randall Kehoe. Mr. Kehoe has been representing clients with New York state traffic tickets since 1990 and can help give you an edge in resolving your case. We provide professional counsel and representation including negotiating charges via plea bargain and trials. After dealing with these matters for so many years, Mr. Kehoe understands the process and environment in courts all over the state. Instead of pleading guilty to your New York speeding ticket, you can contact our office to discuss your options and past driving history. You may be able to save hundreds of dollars in insurance price increases, court fees, and protect your license from additional points. For a free consultation, call our office or submit an online inquiry by completing the form provided here on the website.

We represent clients charged with: speed in zone (1180), imprudent speed, failure to yield, unlicensed/aggravated unlicensed operator, leaving the scene of an accident, cell phone violations, seat belt/improper child safety restraint tickets, window tint, muffler, unregistered vehicle, uninsured motorist, driving left of center, passed school bus, school/work zone violation, logbook violations, and other violations/misdemeanors of NYS traffic law.

DWI Defense

Attorney Randall Kehoe also offers competitive fees for experienced DWI defense in the town of Taghkanic and other courts throughout the 518 area. If you have been arrested for DWI, DWAI, or another more serious criminal misdemeanor or felony, contact our office to discuss the details of your case and options for proceeding. We put DWI clients in communication with a certified Substance Abuse Counselor as a first step to resolve your case. Mr. Kehoe is experienced since 1990 representing clients through plea bargains and trials by jury.

Our office is available asOf Counsel in the Taghkanic Town Court and other justice courts in Columbia County, NY.